BETTER BUILT DESIGN expresses US Mower's commitment to bringing the best industrial, forestry and roadside mowing equipment to the market.

Committed to Our Customers

In 1997 US Mower began manufacturing state of the art hydraulic boom mowers in Burlington, Washington, USA for roadside mowing. From conception, we have been committed to design and manufacturing the highest quality mowers available to meet customer needs while providing durability, strength, longevity, and affordability.

In 1999 US Mower began manufacturing industrial shredder flails and rotary cutter heads for the excavator and skid steer market. The line expanded in 2003 to include heads to fit mini-excavators to large frame excavators/backhoes ranging up to 40 ton.

In 2003 US Mower started manufacturing our EX SAMURAI shredder flail mower head series with direct-drive rather than the conventional belt-drive system to power the cutter shaft.

Committed to the Future

US Mower continues to provide innovative designs and quality products at affordable prices for all customer level of needs in the market place.

Watch for exciting new products and features to come!

US Mower 2011 Utility Tractor
Now available the 135 Premium Series Booms for Utility Class Tractors. This series of boom mowers offers all the functionality of a 21' or 23' boom mower, but on a smaller, less expensive tractor. All the premium features are available such as electronic controls, superb ground clearance, front axle stabilizer, travel rest, LR wheel weight. Offered with 21' & 23' reach and a variety of rotary and flail heads.
US Mower Combo/Shoulder Boom
US Mower QA72 rotary skid steer mower